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In this episode, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) talked about Netflix's new release, Brahman Naman. Things that happen: 

1. In a surprising turn of events, Baloch hates this film and Katherine loves it.

2. Katherine fails to summarize the film because it has no plot.

3. The film may have been better in theatres.

4. Baloch admits he may not have actually watched the film.

5. It gets really difficult to maintain the podcast episode because Baloch didn't watch the fucking film.

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September 22, 2015  

Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@Kay_Fil) made it through their first Nipun-less episode! They discussed:

1. Who is this Baloch asshole and what did he do with Nipun?
2. Baloch is an expert in mating psychology ;) ;) ;)
3. Was this movie Oscar-worthy?
4. Captain Russell is basically Voldemort
5. KayFil tries to make a Batman reference
6. Are village girls only good for roti-making?
7. A failed attempt at getting KayFil to rate a movie + some sequels/spin-offs.
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Nipun (@NipunChopra7) and KayFil (Kay_Fil) were joined by Aria Thaker (@Ariathak) to discuss the Saif Ali Khan starrer, Cocktail.

1. KayFil's summary of the movie.
2. KayFil informs us of the star sign of the main characters.
3. Aria and KayFil argue about the main narrative of the movie - contrived, or original?
4. Do accidents happen accidentally?
5. The arc of the women - representative of the modern day Indian woman.
6. Alternate sequel/prequel.
7. The performances of Saif and Deepika.

Nipun (@NipunChopra7) and KayFil (@Kay_Fil) sit down to discuss episode 15 of the @WTFBollywoodPod.

1. Quick summary of the movie by KayFil.
2. We discuss how well this movie was directed/acted.
3. Kangana - amazing.
4. Nipun and Kayfil tell us what they would like to see in a prequel/sequel/spin off.
5. KayFil tell us Vijay's zodiac sing.
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Nipun (@NipunChopra7) and KayFil (@Kay_Fil) were joined by Muhammed Baloch (@ThatBrownGuy420) from @Bollycast to discuss Chak de India.

1. KayFil makes a surprising declaration - she doesn't like Shah Rukh Khan in this movie. 
2. Baloch argues that SRK is a good actor, and imitation is A-ok.
3. An argument about feminism in India - and whether or not this movie is consistent with ideals of feminism.
4. We find out Baloch's star sign.
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