Filmi Talks A white girl (@kay_fil) and an actual desi guy (@thatbrownguy420) discuss a different popular Bollywood movie each week. Formerly known as WTF Bollywood.

In this episode, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) talked about nothing because Baloch wasn't here! Instead Katherine talked with someone much more articulate, intelligent, and all around generally more awesome, Mr. Shah Shahid (@theshahshahid) about Kapoor and Sons. Things that happen: 

1. Shah intentionally does a terrible Baloch impression and also unintentionally re-uses one of his old terrible jokes.

2. Spoiler alert! For real this time.

3. Shah:Sid::Nipun:SRK

4. Special adorable surprise guest distraction! And an insight into Shah's boring personal life.

5. We rank the sexiest characters of this movie: Fawad vs Sidharth vs Boobly.

6. We gush about the movie for another half hour because it's easily the best Bollywood movie of 2016 and possibly a perfect film in general.

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Over the weekend, Katherine met Mira Nair and Sabrina Dhawan and heard them talk about their hit film-turned-Broadway-musical, Monsoon Wedding, so for episode 30, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) discussed their thoughts on the same. Things that happened:

1. Baloch thinks this movie is the best.
2. Kayfil's summary: "all these progressive issues talked about in the traditional setting of an arranged marriage"
3. Was the sexual abuse plotline necessary? We both think so.
4. Baloch has a single complaint about the movie. Just one.
5. Would Monsoon Wedding be better as a Broadway show, or is it best left to film?
6. Kayfil super awkwardly shares her gossip about one of the movie's actors.

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