Filmi Talks A white girl (@kay_fil) and an actual desi guy (@thatbrownguy420) discuss a different popular Bollywood movie each week. Formerly known as WTF Bollywood.

In this episode of Filmi Talks, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) discuss Rohit Shetty's latest film, Dilwale. Things that happened:

1. Baloch tries to sound like Mickey Mouse #epicfail

2. The characters are all Shetty (pun intended)

3. Kayfil tries to summarize the movie #epicfail2

4. We discuss Shetty's portrayal of women

5. Kayfil and Baloch are on to Nipun's social neuroscience/podcast experiment

6. Both Baloch and Kayfil suck at pod-casting

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We're back, friends! Thanks to everyone who reached out to us over the last couple of months. Special shout out to the folks over at Bollycast. Check out their wonderful podcast.

Nipun (@Nipunchopra7) and KayFil (@Kay_Fil) were joined by Nipun's brother, Moksh Chopra, to discuss the legend that is Jaani Dushman. They talked about ---
1. The star cast.
2. The ridiculous lack of consistency in this movie. 
3. The panel's favorite moment in this movie.
4. The panel's favorite character and least favorite character of the movie.
5. We find out the name of the editor - and, trust me, it could not have been more appropriate.
Let us know if you want us to do Part two of this movie review in a month from now. We barely scratched the surface of this enigmatic movie. 
Next week, we'll be watching 'Ek main aur ekk tu' starring Kareena and Imran Khan.
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Nipun (@nipunchopra7) and Katherine (@Kay_Fil) discuss the new episode of the @WTFBollywoodPod:

1. I literally do not have a summary, this is by far the worst movie I've ever watched.
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Nipun (@Nipunchopra7) and KayFil (Kay_Fil) discuss the Salman Khan starrer, Bodyguard.

1. An inexplicably serious conversation about rape culture in India.
2. How Indian men might view themselves.
3. Kareena is the worst.
4. All the characters in this movie are the worst.
5. Kareena's friend is the worst character in this movie.
6. The fat guy is the worst.
7. This movie was the worst.
8. We'll be reviewing "Zindagi na milegi dobara" next week. It's available on netflix.

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