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In this episode, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) talked about Netflix's new release, Brahman Naman. Things that happen: 

1. In a surprising turn of events, Baloch hates this film and Katherine loves it.

2. Katherine fails to summarize the film because it has no plot.

3. The film may have been better in theatres.

4. Baloch admits he may not have actually watched the film.

5. It gets really difficult to maintain the podcast episode because Baloch didn't watch the fucking film.

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February 25, 2016  
In this episode, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine aka debbie downer (@kay_fil) discuss: 

1. Baloch gets the movie title, scene description, and some basic film description wrong#Idiot-host

2. Kayfil still doesnt like spoiler alert #Debbie Downer

3.This movie by far the best film we reviewed

4.The film makers did an amazing job of humanizing flawed characters.

5.Certain scene were really difficult to watch.

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In this episode, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) are joined by Shah Shahid (@theshahshahid) to discuss:

1. "Wait... that's not Bollywood music!" No, it's not; we are actually talking about Star Wars instead of anything relevant. KayFil tries to figure out why and fails. 

2. We argue about Disney's Star Wars advertising, despite Baloch and KayFil clearly being the worst at advertising (please follow & review us; we're so bad at self-promotion).

3. Shah goes on a masturbatory rant about how generally amazing Star Wars is for way too long before we actually get to talk about the new movie.

4. KayFil really hates Han Solo, to which Shah and Baloch say "WHAT? BUT HE'S BASICALLY A SHAHRUKH CHARACTER! HOW COULD YOU?"

5. KayFil makes Harry Potter references in a desperate attempt to actually contribute to the conversation.

6. Some forced conversations about diversity and feminism and all that bs.

7. Shah has a love affair with a tiny ass rock that was only in the last three seconds of the film.

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Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) discuss a truly bad movie for the first time since Baloch joined the show! They are joined by Shashwat Gupta (@youknowthatiam) to discuss:

1. This movie is so bad that it's actually good (but still not Jaani Dushman).
2. Kayfil obviously does not know how to introduce a guest.
3. Baloch nerds out on the film terrible, horrible, extremely bad dialogues. 
4. Kayfil and Shash try to connect some sort of logic to this film for some reason.
5. We forget about the film and start talking about rotten-tomatoes and imdb, because that's more interesting than this shitshow.

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Over the weekend, Katherine met Mira Nair and Sabrina Dhawan and heard them talk about their hit film-turned-Broadway-musical, Monsoon Wedding, so for episode 30, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) discussed their thoughts on the same. Things that happened:

1. Baloch thinks this movie is the best.
2. Kayfil's summary: "all these progressive issues talked about in the traditional setting of an arranged marriage"
3. Was the sexual abuse plotline necessary? We both think so.
4. Baloch has a single complaint about the movie. Just one.
5. Would Monsoon Wedding be better as a Broadway show, or is it best left to film?
6. Kayfil super awkwardly shares her gossip about one of the movie's actors.

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In episode 29, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) discussed Bombay Velvet, Anurag Kashyap's big-budget flop film. Things that happened:

1. Baloch tries REALLY HARD to avoid talking about this movie. 
2. Baloch summarizes the movie really terribly.
3. Was Ranbir or Karan Johar the best character? 
4. Just because an editor worked with Scorcese doesn't mean she can work well in India.
5. We agree that the opening scene-setting was good and the shoot-out was bad.
6. Kayfil couldn't tell that Ranbir's character was a bad guy despite him murdering like ten thousand people.
7. Baloch quits the podcast, because Kayfil is the worst.

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Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@Kay_Fil) spend a full hour discussing Zoya Akhtar's latest hit, Dil Dhadakne Do. Things that happen:

1. KayFil learns that when you give away the ending you're supposed to say "spoiler alert"? So, uh, there are spoilers in this episode (and probably every other episode, too).
2. Baloch tries to give the episode a format.
3. There are lots of characters in this movie: who do we relate to, and which characters are well-developed?
4. The ending is our least favorite part of this movie.
5. Baloch drops more "mating psychology".
6. The casting of Anushka's role: #notenoughKatrina?
7. Why are we still talking about Nipun so much?
8. What Baloch calls "Baloch Random Shandom"

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