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WE'RE BACK BITCHES! That's right, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) are back after months and months of the stars not aligning to talk about the ultimate star Shah Rukh Khan once again in his latest film, Fan. Things that happened:

1) Excuses about why they've been MIA for the last year.

2) Shitty film summary from Katherine.

3) The film summary was shitty partially because Katherine is the worst but also because the film itself doesn't even know what this film is about.

4) At least Shah Rukh's acting is on point.

5) Aryan Khanna is an arrogant douche.

6) Desi Spiderman.
Shout outs to @sachdeva_pankaj for convincing Katherine that the film was intelligently made and to @sayanigupta for being beautiful and wonderful. Follow us @filmitalkspod on Twitter and Facebook for hopefully more frequent conversations - and to send us hate mail, your thoughts on Fan, and suggestions for what to watch next!

Nipun (@NipunChopra7) and KayFil (@Kay_Fil) were joined by Muhammed Baloch (@ThatBrownGuy420) from @Bollycast to discuss Chak de India.

1. KayFil makes a surprising declaration - she doesn't like Shah Rukh Khan in this movie. 
2. Baloch argues that SRK is a good actor, and imitation is A-ok.
3. An argument about feminism in India - and whether or not this movie is consistent with ideals of feminism.
4. We find out Baloch's star sign.
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Nipun (@NIpunchopra7) and KayFil (@Kay_Fil) review another SRK movie :( They discussed ---

1. She doesn't recognize him, really?
2. Anushka's character's journey - how KayFil loves it, and Nipun doesn't. 
3. SRK's ability to outlast multiple famous Bollywood actresses.
4. SRK's acting ability (Or lack thereof).
Next week, we'll be watching 'Singham'. It's available on Netflix. 

Nipun (@NipunChopra7) and KayFil (Kay_Fil) were joined by actor and writer Omar Khan (@OmarStrikesBack) to discuss Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. They discussed ---

1. Their initial impressions of the movie. You'll be surprised at which of the hosts likes the movie.
2. Omar tells us how he got the role of Dev in the movie.
3. Kay Fil brings up her shitty horoscopes again.
4. Is this movie like DDLJ or Dil Chahta hai?
5. KayFil brings up why she doesn't like the emotional journey of Kalki or Deepika's character.
6. The panel talks about the consistent denigration of white or NRI characters.
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Next week, we'll be watching  - "Rab ne bana di jodi". Is is available on netflix.

Nipun (@nipunchopra7) and KayFil (@Kay_Fil) sit down to record episode 2 of the @WTFBollywoodPod.

1. The duos initial thoughts on the movie.
2. Is Aamir a good actor.
3. The portrayal of white people in the movie.
4. Why is Abhishek Bacchhan so famous? Why is Uday Chopra so famous?
5. There wasn't enough Katrina.
6. The "science"
7. Lack of character development.
8. The discrepancy in the reasoning and execution of the heists.
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