Filmi Talks A white girl (@kay_fil) and an actual desi guy (@thatbrownguy420) discuss a different popular Bollywood movie each week. Formerly known as WTF Bollywood.

In this very last episode, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) closed out by talking about Main Hoon Na, the first Bollywood film that Katherine ever saw. Things that happened:

1. We discuss why Main Hoon Na is sort of the perfect film to end the podcast on.

2. Baloch forgets the spoiler alert warning and Katherine does her shitty summary.

3. Baloch admits at least that Farah Khan is an amazing visual director.

4. Katherine makes fun of Shah Rukh Khan's acting? #Nipunwannabe #notmyNipun 

5. Baloch attempts a really awful joke #awkwardmoment 

5. Oh right we talk about how we're ending the podcast #byebitches

6. We try to end on a good note but as always fail at signing off.   

Sorry it had to end so abruptly but thank you all for listening to (err bearing with) us, it really was a pleasure. Your support, tweets, emails, messages, etc didn't go unnoticed and we really do appreciate the friends & enemies we made along this podcasting journey. When we started Katherine didn't even know what a podcast was and now she's listened to almost 3 whole episodes, and Baloch didn't even know how to talk and now he can sort of almost formulate a full sentence, so we really have become better because of this podcast. So thank you for being here to witness and help us through it!

Apparently Baloch still has a podcast so feel free to try to find that, and Katherine is still open to guest appearances if for some reason you want to talk to her. We will forever and always be active on Twitter so please stay in touch! You really have been wonderful.


Nipun (@nipunchopra7) and Katherine aka KayFil (@Kay_Fil) start the very episode with a movie that the latter loves and the former is ambivalent about.

They get into conversations about the validity of Indian cinema, the "brilliance" of Shah Rukh Khan, overarching motifs with the movie, etc. Even the Mahabharata comes up one time.

Are there parables interwoven throughout this script? (Nipun doesn't think so). Is Deepika Padukone a metaphor for mother India?

Nipun points out incongruities in the story, while KayFil thinks those are pointless criticisms.

KayFil calls out Nipun for his ridiculous standards for good movies and his weird obsession with SRK's physical appearance.

Let us know what you think about the movie. Did we miss anything or were we completely off-base with some of our discussion? Get in touch and let us know.


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