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February 15, 2016  
In this episode, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) discuss: 

1. Kayfil hates Baloch spoiler alerts even-though that's the polite thing to do!

2. Kayfil finally does great film summary#onceinalifetimemoment

3. The first half of the film was confusing and chessy

4. Both host have mommy issues
5. The relationship issues in the film were spot on 

6. Baloch goes on huge boring parenting rant and Kayfil goes to sleep


In episode 29, Baloch (@thatbrownguy420) and Katherine (@kay_fil) discussed Bombay Velvet, Anurag Kashyap's big-budget flop film. Things that happened:

1. Baloch tries REALLY HARD to avoid talking about this movie. 
2. Baloch summarizes the movie really terribly.
3. Was Ranbir or Karan Johar the best character? 
4. Just because an editor worked with Scorcese doesn't mean she can work well in India.
5. We agree that the opening scene-setting was good and the shoot-out was bad.
6. Kayfil couldn't tell that Ranbir's character was a bad guy despite him murdering like ten thousand people.
7. Baloch quits the podcast, because Kayfil is the worst.

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Nipun (@NipunChopra7) and KayFil (Kay_Fil) were joined by actor and writer Omar Khan (@OmarStrikesBack) to discuss Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. They discussed ---

1. Their initial impressions of the movie. You'll be surprised at which of the hosts likes the movie.
2. Omar tells us how he got the role of Dev in the movie.
3. Kay Fil brings up her shitty horoscopes again.
4. Is this movie like DDLJ or Dil Chahta hai?
5. KayFil brings up why she doesn't like the emotional journey of Kalki or Deepika's character.
6. The panel talks about the consistent denigration of white or NRI characters.
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Next week, we'll be watching  - "Rab ne bana di jodi". Is is available on netflix.

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